An Apology and an Exciting New Venue

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Before we continue to our normal bi-monthly reading announcement (see below, or click here, for that), we want to take a brief moment to apologise for having to turn so many people away at our January reading. While we've had "standing-room only" events before, we did not anticipate having to turn back 25+ people due to fire regulations. We're very sorry to those of you who came out to celebrate poetry only to be stopped at the door (turning away the gentleman sporting a Walt Whitman pin was especially painful!). That said, we, along with our partners at the VPL, are very excited to see such interest in the series!

In response to the January turnout, the VPL has upgraded us to the Alice McKay room in the library's basement (a jump from a 40-seat venue to a 300-seat venue!). If you aren't familiar with the venue, please click here to learn more.

Please keep coming out, one and all - and if you were turned away in January, consider giving it another shot (needless to say, adequate seating should no longer be a concern!).

Yours, in poetry,

The DPRS Organizing Team

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